Utilizing Twitter as a Local Business

by Brooke Ness
March 6, 2017

One of the many benefits of owning a local business is your ability to interact on a deeper level with your customers. They are not just names and faces; they are the life rafts that keep your business afloat and provide you with the affirmation that your company is running effectively. One of the most powerful channels for customer communication is Twitter.

Twitter is no longer a platform dominated by celebrity gossip and the ramblings-on of politicians. It has morphed into a powerful marketing platform, perfect for business owners to address their fans directly, succinctly, and with less formality than other platforms like LinkedIn. Twitter it is an excellent way to establish a stronger social presence and reach potential customers that may not be harder to find on other platforms.

Because Twitter is an informal social network, business owners can interact with their customers on a more personal level than serving them an ad or creating a generic post. This can allow you to build a more positive image for your company, and present it in a fun and lighthearted way. It’s an excellent way to establish brand awareness and gain your followers trust and respect.

Brand image aside, Twitter is also an excellent means of promoting new products and services. It is the perfect platform for making providing information on an upcoming sale or event, product announcements, or even surveying your followers on a newly offered service.

The most important piece of Twitter’s functionality is its ability to create viral content. All the hashtags you find on Facebook likely started on Twitter at some point. The famous #throwbackthursday (aka #tbt) started on Twitter years before Instagram was popular. Once you establish a healthy follower base, your Tweets can be retweeted and liked an infinite amount of times. Particularly interesting or engaging content tends to draw more actions from followers. More actions can mean more new followers, and more new followers mean more potential customers.
Although Twitter may be new to your local business, it can prove to be an extremely useful tool in drumming up new clientele. If you aren’t already utilizing Twitter, it’s time to start!