Top 5 Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow

by Brooke Ness
August 1, 2016

So if you’re looking for new inspiration this Monday afternoon, take a look at some of the best marketing blogs around.

Ranging from content to display, they have great tips to bring your marketing plans to the next level.


The inventor of the “Inbound” marketing, HubSpot is a great resource for all things marketing and sales. Their perspective on what makes clients buy from you is a great resource as you’re planning your next big marketing campaign. This really should be number one and two since they have two separate blogs to follow depending on if you’re more interested in sales or marketing but I’m going to cheat and combine them.

Content Marketing Institute

Started by former journalist, Joe Pulizzi, CMI is the expert in content marketing. Joe and his amazing team will set you straight on the difference between content marketing, branded content, native advertising, and sponsored content. Bonus points – Joe and his partner Robert Rose host my go-to podcast This Old Marketing. is one of the best at display marketing out there. Their blog can get a little technical at times but dig in and you’ll get some great information on why that Nordstrom ad seems to follow you all around the web.


Digiday leans on the media side of a marketing blog but its’ critical if you want to keep up with the news in the industry. Wondering how the big brands are leveraging Snapchat? This is your go-to resource.

think with Google

Who better to go to than the master of all things digital for advice? Google’s Think with Google blog gives you insights into all their latest studies. They just recently posted a new study on search habits for local businesses that gave us some great insight into local SEM campaigns.

Since you’re reading this, you already know, but the SmartReach Digital blog is here to simplify the crazy world that is digital. We’ll give you practical tips, our thoughts on trends in digital and resources to make marketing your business a breeze.