Time for the Talk: The Conversation You Need to Have with Your Potential Digital Agency

by Elizabeth Gabrielow
August 4, 2017

Searching for the right digital agency can be a grueling process, so here are a few questions to get the conversation rolling and help you pick the right partner for your business.

Do you identify with the digital agency?

Before jumping into a contract with an agency, ask yourself if you and your business identify with their brand. The brand represents the agency’s style, attitude, and content. Our brand is young, innovative, fun, experienced, and knowledgeable, to name a few adjectives. These attributes can also be seen in our content and how we execute campaigns for our clients. If a client does not connect with our brand, then it’s probably not the right fit for the client or for our agency.

Who or what will be managing my account?

This may seem like an odd question, but in the digital world, it is important to verify that a person is involved in the execution of your campaign, not just software. So much can be automated by software, but campaigns are much more successful with human oversight. At Smart Reach Digital, every component, from live chat to display ads, is created, adjusted, and monitored by people. We like the flexibility of being able to adjust your campaign frequently based on results and performance. This may be a digital world, but people are at the heart of everything we do.

What separates this agency from everyone else?

As consumers, we’re always searching for the differentiator, whether it’s product comparisons of Tide versus Gain, or comparisons of services between the local auto body shop and the dealership. We are constantly asking, what makes you better? What makes you different? Every agency has their own pitch, and if an agency cannot differentiate itself from its competitors, then it is probably too inexperienced for you to be giving it your business. Digital agencies frequently pop up without experience or credentials, so be careful of wasting your money, time, and energy. Look for agencies that proudly display their key differentiators, and can show they’ve had success with previous clients and campaigns.

How do you attribute media dollars to success? What metrics do you use to provide results?

These questions can tell you a lot about the digital agency you are vetting. An uncertain answer may tell you that the agency does not have a direct method of measuring your ROI, but be skeptical of an answer that promises you a specific dollar amount. There’s no way for an agency to determine ahead of time how your future campaign will be received. The answer you’re looking for is a discussion that clarifies what process the agency uses to determine the success of a campaign. An honest answer that does not promise you results, but instead asks you for your expectations and a timeline to meet them. We provide our clients with a digital dashboard, so they can check in anytime to see how the different elements of their campaign are performing.



The Flip Side:

Questions a Digital Agency Needs to Ask a Potential Client

How does your business define success, and how do you track your business’ ROI?

In return, the agency needs to push clients to define business results. If the client can’t determine what results equal a positive ROI, the agency is bound to fall short of an unspoken metric. The agency may be able to track leads, walk-ins, and phone calls, but ultimately, the business must be able to track the sales from these leads.


What are your expectations?

Too often agencies are excited for any client that comes their way, but vetting should be a two-way street. A client that has misaligned expectations will never be a good fit. In my experience, potential clients that come in looking for immediate results, may leave unsatisfied. In order for a campaign to be successful, it needs time. We ask for sufficient time to provide our clients with an effective campaign because we need to be able to determine what is working, what isn’t, and adjust our tactics accordingly.

Knowing which questions to ask is half the battle to finding the right agency for your business. These questions are a great start to help you narrow down your list of potential agencies, but it is by no means all the questions you should ask. The more you ask, the better you understand how each digital agency operates, and how it can help your business. So fire away!  A prepared, knowledgeable, and experienced agency should be able to respond to any question that comes their way.



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