Should Your Local Dealership Use Search Engine Marketing?

by Brent Gassman
June 2, 2017

Would you consider your local dealership the number one dealer in your market? The competition is fierce and getting to (not to mention maintaining) the number one spot is tough.That’s why a lot of our local dealership clients rely on creative media to help them drive awareness and attract buyers. Tactics like radio, email, and display are fantastic ways to ensure that potential buyers recognize names and brands, but many dealerships aren’t utilizing one of the best tactics available when a buyer is actively searching for a car, search engine marketing (SEM.)

Sometimes called pay per click advertising (PPC), SEM allows your dealership to appear at the top of search results. Remember the last time you searched something and the first few results had a little “ad” message next to it? That’s SEM. Google, being the largest search engine out there, is the go-to provider for effective campaigns.

local dealership search

We all know consumers are becoming savvier when purchasing a car. Long gone are the days of consumers visiting 5+ dealerships over a weekend when they can do that same initial research online. A dealership appearing on a search results page is mandatory, so you don’t miss out being chosen.

Search Engine Marketing, or the buying of traffic through paid listings on a search engine results page, works really well for auto dealerships for a few reasons:

At the end of the day, SEM is the ideal tool to add to your radio and other traditional advertising plans.

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