How Search Engine Marketing and Your Phone Work Together

by James Irelan
March 21, 2017

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a powerful tool to reach customers at the moment they are ready to make a purchase or set an appointment. Often their first step for local businesses is to make a phone call.

Using SEM, you can learn a lot about your potential customers’ phone call habits. Which empowers you to find out more about what makes them choose to buy from you vs. your competitor.

Tailor Call Tracking Numbers by Device

Desktop and tablet traffic should be leverage call extension. While call only campaigns are often your most profitable option for mobile traffic.  By customizing your messaging and segmentation, your ad can be tailored to the different behaviors driving users to pick up the phone.

Know Where They Are in Their Purchase Journey

Many of your customers contact you for the first time through your ads, but they may not all be ready to buy.  Whether they are in the research phase and have some questions or are deep in the journey where they are ready to make a purchase or set an appointment, you need your SEM campaign segmented to pull in all your potential customers.

Using Phone Calls in Employee Training

Many call tracking vendors provide the ability to record the phone calls that are coming through the SEM campaign.  These recorded calls are a great tool to train employees on their how to answer your phones and best way respond to questions.

Your SEM campaigns can go further than web traffic. It’s also critical to get the phones ringing.