Volvo of Tacoma

“Smart Reach Digital has helped our dealership step into the current age and has given us access to an entirely new group of potential customers.”

The Challenge.

Volvo of Tacoma was looking to move beyond traditional marketing and advertising. For years they had been focusing their marketing dollars on television and print and while that was still driving business, they knew they were missing out on a huge opportunity by not advertising their dealership online. Without a strong brand online, they were missing out on one of their largest potential markets, digital savvy millennials.

The Solution.

They worked with their Smart Reach Digital team to develop a fully integrated marketing plan that would elevate their brand and bring in their millennial buyers. Together we developed one message across multiple channels including Email, Targeted Display, Search Engine Marketing and Video Production to build a brand and message that could reach beyond their normal clients to a unique set of new prospects.

The Results.

In six months, they were able to get 516 new leads from their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign and get their name in front of tens of thousands of potential car buyers.