New England Spas

“We’ve seen higher traffic and we’ve seen more people signing up for services.”

The Challenge.

New England Spas was looking to increase brand awareness in their local market and drive interest in pools and spas. New England isn’t a market that people always associate with needing a pool or spa so they had a big challenge on their hands. They had to not only make sure everyone interested in buying pools and spas went to New England Spas but they needed to convince the market that they needed a pool or spa in their house. Since it was such a competitive market, they wanted to be the only name in new purchases and maintenance.

The Solution.

They turned to the team at Smart Reach Digital because of our experience working with other home improvement marketing campaigns. We suggested a combination of radio and targeted display to build their brand as the trusted source for pools and spas. To further their dominance in the market the display campaign targeted specific contextual keywords including hot tubs, spas, and saunas to grab an audience that was looking for relaxation in their homes.

The Results.

With over 2 million impressions since the start of their campaign, they’ve seen a significant uptick not only in traffic to website and stores but in actual sales and service appointments.

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