Baylor Austin EMBA

“The kinds of people that were inquiring into my business were absolutely the right people.”

The Challenge.

Baylor’s EMBA program in Austin had a unique challenge when they came to Smart Reach. Getting name recognition wasn’t a problem, everyone knows and loves Baylor. The challenge was Baylor goes beyond Waco and the Austin EMBA program needed to distinguish itself from the main campus. It was difficult for potential students to understand that the Austin EMBA program wasn’t asking them to move out to Waco but could instead be achieved right there in Austin.

The Solution.

They worked with their local Smart Reach team to build a campaign based on two key points: the program was in Austin, off the main campus, and it was an executive MBA intended for high achieving career professionals. To do that, the team built an integrated marketing campaign that started with targeted display, email, and social media to build interest in the program. From there, search engine marketing (SEM) was launched to bring in applicants searching for EMBA programs. Lastly, the team used video to build engagement with the school.

The Results.

The ongoing plan has led to an increase in the quality of applicants as well as the quantity of applicants the Austin EMBA program has received.

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