What Your Local Business Social Media Posts Should Say

by Mallory Logan
August 10, 2017

You put your heart and soul into your business and you want everyone to know what makes it unique and why it’s better than the competition. You’re also trying to sell your products and make money through social media, so it feels natural to post back to back about what you’re offering.

Now take a step back and think about when you meet potential clients out in a social setting, whether it’s intended for networking on simply meeting a friend of a friend who turns out to be a potential client. What do you talk about during 90% of the conversation? If the answer is business, then you didn’t actually form a relationship with that person. The most common answer is going to be sports, family, hobbies, and then 10% of business. A successful salesman knows how to walk this line without making someone feel like they’re being sold on a product.

Social users want to see you talk about your business in 10% of your social posts, according to Social Media Examiner.

The same analogy applies when you talk on social media. Your followers will never stop following your page if they feel connected to you outside of business talk. The same topics that you connect with in person will also connect on social media. Have a favorite NFL team? Post about it and why you’re a die-hard fan. Support other local businesses in your area as well and tag them in your post, such as restaurants or even the school you attended.

local brewery                   local brewery

One example of a local business who effectively connects with their community on Facebook is the brewery, Brieux Carre. They’re located in New Orleans and call themselves “a couple of guys who have a laissez faire approach to brewing”. See examples above of how they tag other brewers and the neighboring art market into their posts. Both brewers nationwide and New Orleans residents who love their city would both enjoy following this page.


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