How LinkedIn Could Be The Key To New Clients

by Mallory Logan
April 14, 2017

Are you trying to find innovative ways to gain new clients? Maybe the traditional outreach methods that used to overwhelm you with business don’t work quite as well anymore. Everyone is using the buzzword “social media” around gaining new business, but if you’re trying to reach someone by their job title or industry, LinkedIn is your one stop shop! The whole purpose of LinkedIn is to connect professionals in a variety of ways and allow them to show their expertise.

Company Page

The first step you should take when prospecting new clients on LinkedIn is to review your own LinkedIn Company Page.

Google LinkedIn Page


Below is an example of a fully completed profile: 

Smart Reach LinkedIn

Gain Followers

Now that your page is filled out to the fullest, ask your employees and professional colleagues to Follow your Company Page. That way, you can start with a base following that can share or interact with your Company Updates. Once this happens, businesses typically notice more followers coming in because they see that they have connections who have already followed your page!


Company Updates

Now let’s speak to your followers. They are looking for information that will educate or entertain them the same way they do on all social platforms. A solid mix of educational content, industry trends, and updates about your business will keep them coming back for more content. If you read an article about your industry and you want to share or comment on it, utilize Company Updates so you have an active presence on LinkedIn. This strategy is similar to a Facebook post, where some of your followers will see it in their feed, and everyone will see it if they visit your Company Page.


There is also paid advertising that you can use to reach an audience beyond your followers on LinkedIn. There are multiple ad types to choose from and best practices that LinkedIn doesn’t put on blast, so it will take some time and budget to work through what type and targeting strategy works best for your business.

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