Your Guide to Facebook Ad Types

by Mallory Logan
March 9, 2017

You hear your competitors are advertising on Facebook, so you’re interested in doing the same. You log in to your own Facebook account, click on “Create Ads”, and then get overwhelmed by all of the options available to you. The guide below breaks down the 3 main ad types that can appear when you select your objective in Facebook Ads Manager.Campaign View

Website Click Ad

If you’re looking for strictly lead generation, these ads are the perfect type for you. They show up in the Newsfeed of Facebook to your target audience, but not on your actual Facebook page. An example of this ad type is below.

Website Click Ad

Promoted Post

These posts show up on your Facebook page, but also are shown in the Newsfeed of your target audience. The benefit to this ad type is that both your current followers and your target audience who might not be following you yet will see this ad. This ad type also allows users to interact with the ad as it’s really a post, so they can like, share, comment, etc., creating engagement.

Facebook Promoted Post

Page Like Ad

This ad type asks your target audience to Like your page. It shows up in the Newsfeed of Facebook, and not on your page itself. If you have a brand new page or only have a few dozen likes, this is a great ad type to run.

Page Like Ad

Remember to get creative with your assets that show up in these ads. Beyond using a sole image, you could use a slideshow of images or video! Video is proving to be really popular on social media.

Using the guide above, you will now be able to run your first Facebook ad campaign the right way!