Secrets to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Four Secrets You Didn’t Know about Email Marketing Campaigns

You might think that email marketing is basically obsolete. Between spam filters and short attention spans, you’d be forgiven for thinking the average person would miss your email. In reality, email marketing is still one of the easiest and most successful ways to promote your business or product. At SmartReach Digital, we know the secrets to making sure your email campaign is successful. Want to know what those secrets are? Keep reading to find out.

Four Email Marketing Secrets

1. People don’t look at their email less often than before, they look at it more often. The reason for that? Mobile devices. Between phones and tablets (all with email apps installed or easy to download), anyone can check their email no matter where they are. This means that it’s easy to reach a huge number of people (everyone with a phone, tablet, or computer), and it’s easy for them to view what you want to show them.

2. Email marketing is more targeted and focused than just about any other type of marketing. Creating a mailing list is easy. And once we have a list of people for you to contact, all you need to do is pick out which groups to send it to. Whether you are aiming for single mothers or college graduates, you can send your information to the exact group you need. This will keep you from spending extra time or money on strategies that are too broad for your specific goals.

3. Email marketing is easier than social media. With social media, you need to constantly spend time updating, replying, and catering to certain groups or individuals. While social media is incredibly effective, it can be time consuming. With email marketing, one email can reach thousands of people who only need to open the email and read it. With mobile-friendly designs, opening an email is even easier than searching for your social media page in an attempt to see what you offer.

4. Encouraging forwarding is an easy way to get new customers or clients you didn’t know about. If you can get even a small percentage of the people who open your email to forward it to their friends or family, you can save yourself a lot of work and increase your profits dramatically. Don’t know how to craft a message that will encourage forwarding (without being too obvious and annoying)? We can help you implement just the right strategy.

Incredibly Valuable

Email marketing campaigns are as effective as ever. In fact, with the ubiquity of phones and tablets, they are even more effective. At SmartReach Digital, we can help you create the right email campaign for your specific needs.

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  1. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Given the cost-effective nature of email marketing coupled with the superior targeting capabilities you have to question why anyone would continue to utilize conventional direct mail?? At a minimum, businesses that use conventional direct mail should be trialing email marketing campaigns.


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